Tuesday, May 16, 2006

incredible Indians

read this story.. it is just so funny...

the new chief minister of tamilnadu.. what is the first thing he does after getting elected?.. erects some statue that  jayalalitha had ordered down..

and why had jayalalitha ordered that the statue be taken down and be secretly kept in the government museum?.. because she thought it was inauspicious.. what had the DMK done when this happened?.. obviously, they had made a hue and cry over this important issue and had erected a duplicate statute some place else.

more infra structural development that will surely make tamil nadu leap frog into a world class economy.. the state government's website (www.tn.gov.in) sported a new look, with shades of brown replacing green.. and why the hell is this ?.. sorry and why the hell is this? because the AIDMK general secretary, reportedly on her astrologer's advice, had been splashing green around.

in fact,

All the public buildings - collectorates, hospitals, bus depots, opened in the last five years were painted in green; government functions were decorated with green buntings and backgrounds and the chief minister often wore a green saree.

so the new government has been incredibly fast in wiping out any evidence that the previous one ever existed except that The National Informatics Centre (NIC), which maintains the site, however, has overlooked one thumbnail picture above the link 'Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly,' that shows the House in session, with Jayalalithaa in the chief minister's seat!!!

ha ha


Thursday, May 11, 2006

russia is encouraging people to have more children

coming from India, this is amazing to me..

In his seventh state-of-the-nation address on Wednesday Vladimir Putin highlighted the necessity of solving several urgent but long-standing Russian problems — first of all of boosting birth rate. There was a “consensus in society” that Russia’s falling population must be addressed and Putin indicated the government would take measures to encourage young couples to have more children, he said.


one more scam - nice

A major scam to the tune of over Rs 1,400 crore relating to the alleged misuse of subsidised rations and short supply of foodgrains meant for people below the poverty line during the erstwhile RJD rule in Bihar has come to light.


first Indian minister to go to jail?

the supreme court should be lauded for this..

read this.. Maharashtra Minister Swarupsinh Naik tried every trick up his sleeve, from a plea of lack of education to his Scheduled Tribe ‘background’ and even an apology, to escape the Supreme Court’s wrath for violating its orders.

read here

Monday, May 08, 2006

US will ride piggyback on an Indian spacecraft to explore the moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will formally sign a pact with the Indian Space Research Organisation on Tuesday to place two scientific instruments aboard Chandrayaan-1, India’s unmanned lunar orbiter, planned for launch by 2008.

The US space agency will place the instruments — one from the Johns Hopkins University and the other jointly from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Brown University — to explore water deposits and mineral resources on the moon.

Look forward to more Indian satellites in space

Monday, May 08, 2006, Mumbai: India could double the number of satellites it sends into space in two years once the United States, as expected, lifts a ban on sharing space technology with it, the head of the country's space agency said on Thursday.

New Delhi and Washington are in talks to conclude a space cooperation deal that would allow India to commercially launch satellites with American components and boost its fledgling space services business.

Nair said India-US cooperation would boost ISRO's space business that faced stiff competition from rising technological powers like China and more established players such as the European Space Agency and Russia.India, which has launched 10 remote sensing satellites since 1988, also has several broadcast satellites in space that control some 170 transponders, making it one of the largest civilian constellations in the world.