Tuesday, May 16, 2006

incredible Indians

read this story.. it is just so funny...

the new chief minister of tamilnadu.. what is the first thing he does after getting elected?.. erects some statue that  jayalalitha had ordered down..

and why had jayalalitha ordered that the statue be taken down and be secretly kept in the government museum?.. because she thought it was inauspicious.. what had the DMK done when this happened?.. obviously, they had made a hue and cry over this important issue and had erected a duplicate statute some place else.

more infra structural development that will surely make tamil nadu leap frog into a world class economy.. the state government's website (www.tn.gov.in) sported a new look, with shades of brown replacing green.. and why the hell is this ?.. sorry and why the hell is this? because the AIDMK general secretary, reportedly on her astrologer's advice, had been splashing green around.

in fact,

All the public buildings - collectorates, hospitals, bus depots, opened in the last five years were painted in green; government functions were decorated with green buntings and backgrounds and the chief minister often wore a green saree.

so the new government has been incredibly fast in wiping out any evidence that the previous one ever existed except that The National Informatics Centre (NIC), which maintains the site, however, has overlooked one thumbnail picture above the link 'Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly,' that shows the House in session, with Jayalalithaa in the chief minister's seat!!!

ha ha